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doTerra Essential Oils Wellnes Advocate Brandee Cone and her family I have the best job in the world! I get to educate families and individuals to use natural solutions first through essential oils and essential oil based products. So, in short, I am an operatically trained vocal coach teaching people how to give their bodies "Are you open to trying essential oils?" At the time, I had been suffering from terrible tension in my neck and shoulders. This tension caused horrible head discomfort and soreness in my shoulders and back. Jaci asked me if I wanted to try PastTense®. I took some and rubbed it on my neck, shoulders, and along my back. Within seconds I felt my tension release and my constant head discomfort was gone! That was amazing but what really impressed me was its effects or lack of side-effects.

I have been a type I diabetic for 31 years. I am accustomed to checking and rechecking my blood sugar often. When I use over the counter remedies I am used to my blood sugar spiking about 50-100 points causing me to take more insulin. I am, by nature, a skeptic so I decided to see what kind of havoc this miraculous essential oil was causing my blood sugar. I was SHOCKED, before breakfast my blood sugar 110 (that's good) and almost an hour after I used the PastTense® my blood sugar was 112! I WAS SOLD. The PastTense® not only gave me the relief I had been longing for but it had absolutely no effect on my blood sugar. That was my first experience with essential oils. Being introduced to dōTERRA has been one of the greatest gifts and has truly transformed my health and my life.

Before I had my essential oils, I was scared. I was 31 years old and I thought my body was falling apart. I had just had retinal surgery that has left me blind in my left eye. I was told I need carpal tunnel surgery on both hands and a very uncomfortable surgery that would require breaking both shoulders in hopes to reverse frozen shoulder. I was told it would take a minimum of 12 weeks to recover and about $12,000 after insurance. As a piano/voice instructor I could not afford to take 12 weeks off to allow my body the time it needed to heal. I, like many people, just suffered through the discomfort. So, I put my new essential oils to the test.

I looked at my "Modern Essentials" reference book and found all I needed was Lemongrass, Peppermint, and Deep Blue Rub®. For less than $100 I no longer have carpal tunnel or frozen shoulder. I use dōTERRA's Life Long Vitality® pack; my body has found balance and controlling my diabetes in not as difficult. I use essential oils because they give my body the tools it needs to live.

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Here are more stories from people who are enjoying the benefits of dōTERRA Essential Oils and other products.

"dōTERRA Essential Oils helped really helped with my seasonal discomfort. I have difficult times in the fall and in the spring. I also have trouble whenever I'm around mold. Also, it appears my son and daughter have inherited these traits from me. I was spending thousands of dollars every year on over the counter pills and cold syrup that made me sleepy and irritated my stomach. My children were taking presciption medications that made them drowsy at school. Brandee was really helpful in finding the right oils to combat these problems for both myself and my kids. These oils are much safer and less expensive, too. Thanks a bunch, Brandee."

"dōTERRA Essential Oils helped my daughters difficulty breathing. Plus they stopped my winter and supports the immune system. Relieves runny nose and seasonal discomfort, too. Brandee is very knowledgeable and provided me with excellent advice."

doTerra client Robert Peltomaa of True Blue Assist is a very happy customer "Essential oils may sound like a crazy idea to you, but I'll tell you what, have a visit with Brandee Cone, she knows her stuff! She's very good at explaining what dōTERRA's products can, and will, do for your specific needs. I highly recommend Brandee, she's very friendly, professional, caring and a great source of knowledge.
You don't have to be "a believer" in all natural products and that's fine, Brandee won't push her stuff on you but you will more than likely want to try them out after a chat with her. Discomfort? Sniffles? Aching muscles? Seasonal Discomfort? I have a possible solution - Brandee Cone with dōTERRA Essential oils."
Robert P.

"dōTERRA Essential Oils have been helping me with my problems sleeping. I've had occassional sleeplessness forever and it's been driving me crazy. Brandee found the right formulas for me - Thanks very much."

"I've had annoying and uncomfortable stomach aches forever. I seem to have issues with lots of foods, some acidic and some that shouldn't be bothering me, but they do. I asked Brandee about these and she really did find the best oils for me. She was very patient with me too, because I tend to be a big ol' whiner! Brandee's the best!"

"dōTERRA DDR worked wonders with my head and neck tension and helps me sleep at night. Brandee is very careful to not give medical advice but she does find products that really do assist in relief for long-term or on-going issues. Brandee is very honest and generous with her time, I highly recommend her and dōTERRA."

doTerra clients Ken and Shelly are a very happy customers "So. . . .I really need to get this testimonial out there regarding dōTerra Essential Oils! As some of you know, my dad, Kenneth Mckee, has been dealing with stage 4 liver cancer for some time now. He is taking chemo meds. This past summer I really didn't think he'd be around for even two more weeks! He was frail, weak, anxious, and just a mess! After upping his chemo dose, his immune system took a nose dive! I got him started on our On Guard capsules (for immune system), DDR Prim...e (for cellular repair and restructuring), Zendocrine on the bottom of his feet daily (for liver detox), and Myrrh, which along with better dietary and exercise patterns, can contribute to disease prevention and better health. Now while I cannot make any claims that these oils have healed him. . . .

I CAN say that since starting this protocol, his blood counts are all GOOD! His liver function is GOOD! His weight is back up to a weight the drs are happy with! He looks good and he FEELS great!!! Currently they are in the middle of a 15 day Panama Canal Cruise. Before starting this protocol, no one believed he'd be well enough to go. I am praising God for His natural medicine!!! Just wanted to let you all know this. If you have questions, please feel free to message me! I use my oils for everything from perfume, to cleaning, to head discomfort, boo boo's, seasonal threats, and weak cartilage and joint function!!! Thank you."

doTerra client Pam is a very happy customer "I am so glad Brandee introduced me to using oils. The oils have enhanced my life and health and my family's. Brandee has a teacher's heart, offering classes and being available to answer questions. She has also given me several helpful booklets of recipes that I use a lot."

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